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Not far from the Lykes home and located on what is now a very busy street in Paradise Valley (at the far eastern portion of Phoenix), is the location of the Harold Price Sr. House.  In 1952, Price had visited Wright at Taliesin West to discuss building a multi-story building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The result was a commission to build the 19-story, 221-foot tall Price Tower.  Not long thereafter -- 1954  --  the roughly 5,000 square foot Price Residence was built on nine acres along a hill just off of Tatum Drive.

Sprawling what seems to be a football field in length, the residence boasts ten rooms, including five master bedrooms and two servant's bedrooms -- all with their own baths.  An open-air atrium is surrounded by a living room and kitchen; the bedroom wings are on either end of the building.  Interestingly, the atrium incorporates  a unique design that allows the roof to "float" above the walls on steel pylons, allowing for breezes to flow through the gap in-between; a skylight that illuminates a fountain in the atrium.  The concrete block in the walls is more reminiscent of that used in today's construction, rather than that used by Wright in earlier designs.


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